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Accepting payments with PayPal

How to use your PayPal business account to accept credit, debit and PayPal payments directly on your booking page

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Accepting payments with Stripe

How to use Stripe to accept credit and debit card payments directly on your booking page

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Adding a cover photo

How to add a cover photo to your booking page

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Adding a description

How to add a description to your booking page

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Adding or updating your profile image

How to add or update a profile image on your Introwise booking page.

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Changing currency

How to change your currency in your Introwise account.

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Changing your Introwise URL

How to change your Introwise URL

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Contacting a client

How to contact a client

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Creating a group session

How to create a group session on Introwise

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Discount codes

Offer fixed value or percentage discounts for your services

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Google Calendar integration

How to set up your Google Calendar integration

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Integrating with Zoom

Connect your Zoom account to automatically create Zoom meetings for your sessions

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Managing availability

How to manage your availability and when people can book sessions with you

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Order of services

How to change the order of your services

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How to combine multiple sessions and services and sell them as a package

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Stripe transactions

Viewing your Stripe transactions

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Updating your name

How to update your name on Introwise

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Upgrading your account

How to upgrade your Introwise account

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Video calls

Information about video calls with Introwise

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