Calls: Live streaming

Introwise Calls can be streamed live to a broadcasting platform like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

Live streaming allows you to stream your calls live to a broadcast platform of your choice, like YouTube Live, LinkedIn Live, and more. Live streaming does not require any additional software and allows you to go live solo, or with other participants that joined your sessions.

Recording and Live Streaming are available on the Pro plan.

Before you start

Before you can stream your Introwise Call you must create a live stream on the broadcasting platform and obtain a Stream URL and a Stream Key.

Here are instructions to start a live stream on some of the popular platforms:

Instagram currently doesn't officially support going live outside of their own app.

Starting and stopping streaming

Important: you must be logged in to your Introwise account before joining the session in order to be able to start streaming. You can only stream sessions that were booked with you as an expert.

To start a live stream follow these steps:

  • Join the session that you want to record while logged in to your Introwise account.
  • In the call controls menu (top right on Desktop, bottom on Mobile) click on the Recording and Live streaming button.
  • In the opened sidebar or modal select Streaming
  • Enter the Stream URL and the Stream Key that you've obtained from your broadcasting platform.
  • Click Start streaming
  • A timer will appear showing you the current live stream duration
  • The button in the call controls menu will remain lit while the streaming is in progress. You can close the streaming menu and your call will continue being streamed.
  • All other participants on the call will receive a notification on their screens informing them that streaming is in progress.

Important: starting livestreaming from the Introwise Calls does not start it on the broadcasting platform. Most of them will leave your stream in a "Preview" state until you go "Live" with it.

Streaming automatically stops when the call ends, i.e., when the last participants leave. We still recommend you stop streaming manually before you leave the session.

To stop streaming:

  1. Open the streaming menu by clicking Recording and Live streaming button
  2. In the opened sidebar or modal select Streaming and click Stop streaming
  3. The streaming timer will stop and the button in the call controls menu will fade

We recommend to stop the live stream on the broadcasting platform first, before stopping streaming on Introwise. This ensures that your live stream won't be cut short.

Streaming specs

Your sessions are streamed in 1080p HD at 30fps encoded as H.264 at 5 Mbps. All participants audio and up to 25 active cameras will be streamed at the same time. When no screens are shared all participants are aligned in a grid. With active screen shares participants are displayed on the side with the shared screen taking the main space.

By default, there are no participants names displayed on the stream, and no other visual elements, like watermarks.

Depending on your location, the location of the streaming server, and your viewers' location you could expect a delay of 3-20 seconds.


I joined the session but don’t see the recording option

If you don’t see the recording option please double check that

  1. You’re logged in to your Introwise account
  2. This session is booked with you as the expert
  3. You’re on the Pro plan

There is a noticeable delay on my live stream

While streaming is happening "live" due to the nature of broadcasting platforms it is not a real-time video call. A delay to the viewer of up to 20 seconds could be expected.

To minimize the delay try to choose a streaming server that is the closest to you, if your broadcasting platform allows it.

If you want to host interactive sessions with real-time communication, host a group session directly on Introwise instead. Introwise calls support up to 42 participants on the call at the same time.