Scheduling: Packages

How to combine multiple sessions and services and sell them as a package

Packages are a way you can sell multiple 1:1 sessions or mix and match your 1:1 sessions for a set price.

Creating Packages

To create a new package, go to Scheduling and scroll down to the bottom. Under "Packages" you will see any packages you have created. To make a new package, click on "Add new package".

Create new package

The package title will be what is viewed on your booking page. The description will give more detail on the package page.

To add services to your package, click on "Add services". Your 1:1 sessions will be available in a dropdown. Choose the one you want to add and click on "Add".

Then add how many sessions of this service you want to include in this package.

You can add more 1:1 sessions by clicking on "Add services" again.

Under price, you can set the price for the whole package. On the left, Introwise will show you how much savings you are offering people if they book the package with you.

package price

Deleting Packages

To delete a package you have already created, go to Scheduling and scroll down to the bottom to the "Packages" section.

Select the package you want to delete. You will be taken to the edit page. On the right bottom side, click on "Delete". Your package will be deleted.