Scheduling: Packages

How to combine multiple sessions and services and sell them as a package

Packages are a way you can sell multiple sessions as a bundle or sell custom programs consisting of multiple personal services and group sessions series.

Introwise automatically keeps track of the sessions usage in the package, both for you and your clients, keeping you all on the same page.

Packages are available on all plans, and extra features, like time-limited packages are available on the Growth and the Pro plans.

Creating a package

To create a new package:

  1. Go to Scheduling - Packages and click "Add new package"
  2. Give your package a title and a description. These will be visible to your clients on the booking page
  3. Add services and series to your package
    1. Click on "Add a service"/"Add a series"
    2. Select one from the list. If you haven't created one yet, open a new Introwise tab and create one there and it will appear in the list.
    3. Set how many sessions of that service/series are included
  4. Set the price for the package. This is the total price payable at the booking.
  5. (optional) Mark you package as hidden to hide it on your booking page and only show to clients that have a direct link to it
  6. (optional, Growth and Pro plans) Limit for how long the package can be used in days after booking. This setting requires all the sessions in the package to be booked within the set timeframe.
  7. Click Save

Once the package is created it will appear in the list of packages.

You can get a direct link to the package by clicking on it and copying the link from the "Link to this package" sidebar.

Package access link

After booking a package clients receive a unique access link for their booked package. This link allows them to book session using this package and track how many sessions are left.

For your convenience, and in case your client loose this link, you can always view the access link for any booked package by finding the package in your Packages Dashboard and using the "View access link" button at the bottom of the package page.

The access link is unique per each package booking, and gives access to the package to anyone who has it, so treat it securely!

You can also use the access link yourself to book sessions from a package on behalf of your client. Simply use this link is a separate tab/window and complete the booking process as your client.

Changing a booked package expiration date

Time-limited packages are automatically assigned an expiration date at the moment of booking, so you don't need to track it manually.

But sometimes you might need to give your clients extra time, e.g. to account for your vacation time, or as a courtesy to the client.

To change an expiration date for a package, if it has one, find the package in your Packages Dashboard and use the "Manage expiration" button at the bottom of the package page.

Editing and removing a package

You can edit or delete your packages at any time. Note that already booked packages will not be affected by these edits, only new bookings will use the updated package details.

  1. Got to Scheduling - Packages
  2. Click on the package name that you want to edit or delete
  3. Make your changes and click Save or click Delete to remove your package

Cloning a package

Packages can be easily cloned without the need to re-type or copy existing information.

  1. Go to Scheduling - Packages
  2. Click on the package name that you want to clone
  3. Click Clone below the editing form
  4. A new package creation page will open with the cloned package informaton copied
  5. Make adjustments and click Save

Cloned package don't maintain any relationship between them. You can edit or delete them independently.

Deleting services or series that are used in packages

Note that removing a service or a series that is included in an already booked package will remove it from that booked package. Clients who booked such packages will loose access to these services or series.

You might want to hide a service or a series first and let your legacy clients book their remaining sessions first, before completely removing them.


Client bought a package but can't access it

Each package booking creates a unique access link for that booked package that can be used to book session with that package. This link is sent automatically to the email address provided during booking.

Check the section about access links above to learn how to find the access link and more.

The package is not shown on the booking page

If the package is not shown on the booking page that means that it is marked as hidden. If you want your package to appear on your booking page simply follow the steps above to edit it and mark as not hidden.