Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and our answers to them

Who is Introwise for?

Introwise helps everyday experts to easily allow their clients to schedule and pay for video calls online. Coaches, consultants, social media influencers, freelancers, media personalities, and field experts can monetize their time with paid personal and group sessions.

No matter which services you offer, our platform handles all the administrative work and frees your time to grow your business.

Will you bring me clients?

Introwise is not a marketplace. We believe that every expert knows the best how to market themselves and how to sell their services. That means that Introwise won't provide you with new clients directly, but also that it won't share any of your hard-earned clients with others on the platform.

That being said, Introwise booking pages are SEO-optimized and potential clients will definitely be able to find you on Google! We recommend you to spend some time writing your booking page and services description to take full advantage of this channel.

How is it different from using Zoom/Meet/PayPal/Venmo?

Compared to manually managing your calendar, scheduling meetings, accepting payments, and keeping track of clients, Introwise can easily save you up to six hours of manual administrative work per week.

Moreover, Introwise helps you to earn even more with your time:

  • Get more bookings with our conversion-optimized booking page and a simple short link
  • Accept payments from anywhere in the world with built-in credit card payments
  • Save time and avoid frustration with video calls that happen in one place, right on Introwise
  • Earn more per hour with group calls
  • Build predictable revenue stream by selling sessions packages
  • Get more eyes on your offering with our SEO-optimized booking pages

How much does Introwise cost?

We made it easy for you to start with Introwise: there is a free plan and a 2-weeks free trial on our paid plans. On all plans, you can create your SEO-optimized booking page with unlimited 1:1 or group services. You can offer free or paid sessions.

On our Free plan, you don't pay any monthly fee and only pay 2.5% Introwise commission for each paid service that your clients book.

On our paid plans - Growth and Pro - you have access to extended features, pay less or 0% Introwise comission and have more call minutes per month. Additional features include custom branding, custom domain, discounts etc.

Generally, if you just starting with your business, we advise starting with a free plan. In this way you don't need to worry about monthly fees. Once you process more than $200/mo from your bookings, consider moving to Growth or Pro plans.

Note: on every pricing plan you are responsible for paying Stripe and PayPal payment processing fees if you're using automatic payments processing.

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Is there a free trial?

Yes! There is a risk-free 14-days free trial on our Growth and Pro plans. Don't worry - we'll send you a reminder before your trial is over.

You can also take advantage of our Free plan.

Can I use Introwise if I don’t have a website?

Absolutely! You can use the Introwise booking page as your business website. You can choose your own short URL to match your branding and share it directly with your existing clients or on your social media. Introwise booking pages are optimized for conversion and are SEO-friendly. They even come with a preview image when shared on socials or in messengers, so you can stand out on the feed.

Can I use Introwise if I have my own website?


You can use Custom Domain functionality (Pro plan) and add all Introwise functionality to your website, for example, under the book.myownsite.com page.

Or you can just add the link to your Introwise page under the "Book" button on your website.

How does personal sessions scheduling work?

Introwise personal sessions allow your clients to easily book time slots with you during the time you are available. It saves you and your clients from back-and-forth messaging trying to find a time that works for you both.

To use personal sessions scheduling, simply add a desired duration and a price per session, and add your availability time. You can set both recurring and one-time availability periods. During booking Introwise checks your connected calendar for conflicts and automatically displays the time slots when you are available and these slots are immediately bookable. We also take care of the timezones, so you never have to deal with that yourself.

Can I offer multiple services to my clients?

Yes, you can add multiple services, each with its own duration, price, title, and an optional description. All of your services are immediately available to book on your booking page and Introwise automatically divides your available time into slots for each service.

Unlimited services are included on all plans.

How do clients book a personal session with me?

The clients instantly see all your available services and the time slots available for booking directly on your Booking page. To book a service they simply choose a time slot that works for them, provide their contact information and payment details (for paid services) and book a session with you with just one click. Clients don’t need to have an account to book a session. Introwise sends an email confirmation that contains all the information needed to join a session via a video call.

Does Introwise send email notifications or calendar invites?

Yes and yes!

When a session is booked both the client and the expert receive an email notification. This email contains the information about the session, a unique link to join the session and a calendar invite to add the session to Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar and others.

Introwise also sends you an email reminder on the day of the session.

Can my clients add a note with their booking request?

Yes, clients can add an optional message to their booking. This message will be sent to you in an email notification and displayed on your Dashboard as well.

Will my clients receive a payment receipt?

Introwise automatically sends payment receipts to your clients for each booked session. The receipt contains the information about the session, the session date and which payment method was used for the payment.

Can I use Introwise to offer free sessions?

Yes, you can! Introwise allows you to offer free or paid sessions on all plans. To offer a free session, simply create a service with a zero price. Your clients will be able to book a free session with you without paying anything. You can use free sessions to attract new clients, offer pro-bono consultations, and provide extra value to your existing audience.

Can I do group classes or masterminds on Introwise?

Yes, Introwise supports group sessions with up to 42 participants. Participants purchase the spots in a group session individually and receive a unique link to join the session. Introwise processes payments from all participants and pays them out to your bank account.

You can see all participants' emails and their questions in the Dashboard.

When creating the group session, you choose the maximum number of participants (it can be as cozy as 5 participants max, if you wish) and the price per person.

Group sessions can also be used to build your micro-funnel or to test hypotheses around the topics that your audience is more likely to pay for.

Can I cancel my session?

Experts can cancel a session at any time from the dashboard with an optional cancellation message to their clients. The client who booked the session, or all the participants of the group session, will receive the cancellation email.

Payments processed through Stripe will be refunded, and you may be responsible for a small refund fee (charged directly by Stripe). For other payments options you'll need to process refunds manually.

Is there a dashboard to keep track of my clients and sessions?

In addition to sending you email notifications for each booking, Introwise offers a dashboard with all your future and past sessions. There you can see all your bookings with messages you have received from your clients and check your total earnings for each session. You can join your upcoming sessions directly from your dashboard without the need to open email notifications.

How does Introwise video calling work?

Video calls happen directly on Introwise and no additional software is needed. To connect clients need to open the unique link in the email confirmation from their laptop, desktop, phone or tablet.

For the best experience we recommend using the following browsers:

  • Windows, Mac and Linux devices - latest version of Chrome or Microsoft Edge
  • Android devices - latest version of Chrome
  • iPhone and iPad devices - only Safari is supported

If you prefer to use Zoom, we also have a Zoom integration.

Does Introwise video calling support screen sharing?

Yes, including dual screen sharing. Clients and experts connecting from Windows, Mac and Linux devices can share their screen with other call participants. Introwise supports sharing individual browser tabs, individual windows, or the whole screen.

Dual screen sharing allows two participants on the call to share their screens simultaneously. Please note that to use dual screen sharing both participants sharing the screen must use the latest version of Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

Can people on the call chat with each other?

Introwise video calls come with a built-in text chat. All participants can use it to ask questions or communicate if they are having internet connection issues.

How good is Introwise built-in video call quality?

Our video calling solution is using the best-in-class cloud infrastructure to deliver HD video quality with minimal latencies. We also automatically manage the call quality on poor connections to deliver stutter-free audio for all participants.

For experts, we recommend using a laptop or a desktop computer with a reliable Internet connection to ensure that all your clients get the best video quality.

What payment options are available to my clients?

Clients can pay with a credit or debit card of their choice during the booking process. We support major international card brands, such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express for both debit and credit transactions.

If you're using a PayPal account for the payment processing your clients can also pay with their PayPal account.

If you choose not to use automatic payment processing your clients will be able to book sessions without a payment and you'll need to collect payments manually.

Is your payment solution secure?

We partner with Stripe to securely process card transactions from your clients and payouts to your local bank account. Stripe is a major online payment gateway that is trusted by global businesses such as Booking.com, lyft, Uber, Kickstarter, Slack and many others.

Introwise website is served through HTTPS only and we never store your credit card or bank account information on our servers. By using Introwise you don’t need to worry about these details yourself.

How do Stripe payments work?

Introwise charges your clients’ credit card and after deducting payment processing fees and Introwise platform fees the funds are immediately posted to your Stripe account. Stripe processes payouts directly to your linked bank account daily and pays out earnings received 2 to 14 days prior. For example:

  • If your account is in the US and your client paid you on Tuesday you’ll typically receive that earning by Thursday.
  • If your account is in Italy and your client paid you on Tuesday you’ll typically receive that earning by the next Tuesday

You can check the status of your Stripe account and see future payout amounts and dates in your Stripe dashboard.

Note: the first payout may take up to 14 days to be posted into your bank account while Stripe is setting up your account. Subsequent payouts happen according to the normal schedule.

What is the Stripe payment processing fee?

Stripe payment processing fees vary based on the country of your Stripe account and on the country of credit/debit card used for the payment.

  • US: accepting domestic cards 2.9% + $0.30, international cards 3.9% + $0.30 from each payment
  • Canada: accepting domestic cards 2.9% + C$0.30, international cards 3.5% + C$0.30 from each payment, + additional 2% if your linked bank account is not in USD
  • Eurozone: accepting European cards 1.4% + €0.25, accepting non-European cards 2.9% + €0.25 from each payment, + additional 2% for currency conversion USD-to-EUR
  • See the pricing for your country

The fees listed above are given only as an example. Please refer to the official Stripe pricing for your country for the up-to-date information on payment processing fees.

Note: Stripe payment processing fees are not included in your Introwise pay-as-you-go or monthly fee.

Do I need to have an existing Stripe account?

You don’t need to have an existing account, Introwise is integrated directly with Stripe and we will create an account for you during the onboarding. If you wish to use your own account please contact our support team.

How do PayPal payments work?

Introwise shows the button to accept PayPal, credit and debit credit card payments directly on your booking page. Payment are processed automatically and after deducting payment processing fees funds are immediately posted to your PayPal account.

You can check the status of your PayPal account and see future payout amounts and dates in your PayPal dashboard.

How can I close my account on Introwise?

If you just need a break from your business, you can switch to the Free plan with $0 monthly fee and 2.5% Introwise commission. If you want to completely delete your page and remove any records of your past and future calls, simply write us an email. In this case, all the data will be deleted and cannot be restored.

How can I get support?

Our team is here to help you on every step of the way. Whether you are just looking to start using Introwise, or a current customer, it easy to get in touch with us:

I’m not tech-savvy, can someone help me?

We have built Introwise to be easy to use for everyone and you can get your booking page up and running in just 10 mins. Our support team is always available to help you along the way or do a guided setup together.

You can join one of our free weekly LIVE group sessions for new experts on Introwise or book a paid 1:1 setup assistance with our team.

Just get in touch with us - we are happy to help!


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