Google Calendar integration

How to set up your Google Calendar integration

You can connect Google Calendar to your Introwise account. Introwise will automatically add scheduled sessions to your integrated calendar. Introwise will also remove any times that aren't available in your Google calendar so you do not have double bookings.

How to set up Google Calendar Integration

To set up Google Calendar integration, go to Scheduling and scroll down to "Connected calendar".

Click on "Connect calendar account".

connected calendar page

Click on "Connect" and you will be prompted to log into your Google account.

Once logged in, Google will ask you what permissions you want to grant Introwise. Make sure to check off all permissions regarding your calendar.

Google calendar permissions

Once connected, you will see which calendars Introwise is checking for conflicts and writing new sessions to.

integrated Google Calendar example

Checking conflicts on more than one Google Calendar

If you want to check conflicts on more than one Google Calendar, you can do that by sharing your calendar with the account you want to be the main account.

More information on how to share your Google Calendar you can find here.

When you connected a calendar that has access to other calendars, you will see them listed in the "Check for conflicts" section.

Here you can select which calendars Introwise should check for conflicts.

check for conflicts