Payments: Accepting payments with Stripe

How to use Stripe to accept credit and debit card payments directly on your booking page

Stripe offers fast and secure payments for your clients using credit and debit cards with competitive payment processing fees and conversion rates. Stripe is available to businesses in more than 40 countries.

Stripe payments are available on all plans.

Connecting a Stripe account

To create and connect a Stripe account to Introwise do these steps:

  1. Click on Payments in the top menu
  2. Scroll to Accepting payments section and click on Manage payment accounts
  3. Click on Connect button opposite to the Stripe section
  4. You'll be taken to Stripe to create your account where you'll be asked to provide information about you and your business, as well as banking details to receive payouts. Stripe securely handles your personal and financial information, and performs required verifications on your account.
  5. After you complete your Stripe account creation you'll be taken back to Introwise to finish the account connection.

After your Stripe account is connected your booking page is ready to accept payments automatically during booking. If Stripe is your only payment account it will be automatically selected as the default one.

Introwise automatically handles payments refunds when you cancel a session with a payment processed by Stripe.

You can view your Stripe transactions history directly on Introwise by clicking on View transactions button.

Changing your payment processing to Stripe

Once your Stripe account is connected you can choose to use it as the default to process payments on your booking page. When Stripe is your default choice, Introwise automatically displays credit card payment fields on your paid services and packages and processes payments during booking.

To make Stripe your default choice, click on Make default button in the Stripe section. To switch to a different payment account (e.g. PayPal, or No payments), simply make them default instead.

Disconnecting your Stripe account

Stripe accounts are created and managed by Introwise and cannot be disconnected.


Payments are failing on my booking page

Please contact us if you're experiencing issues with payments on your booking page.

Payment account shows an action required message

If you see an Action required message in the Stripe account section you need to provide additional document to complete your Stripe account verification. Please look for emails from Stripe for instructions, or go to your Stipe account by clicking on Open Stripe button and follow the instructions there.

Please contact us if you're experiencing issues with completing your Stripe account verification.