Payments: Payment plans

How to set up automatic monthly payments option for your packages

Payment plans feature allows you to split your package one-time price into regular monthly payments. Introwise will automatically charge your clients on a regular monthly interval, taking care of tracking the payments and sending reminders if the payment fails for any reason.

Payment plans feature is available on the Pro plan.

How to set up a payment plan

To set a package to a monthly payment plan:

  1. Go to Scheduling - Packages and edit or create a new package
  2. In the Payment section Monthly payment plan
  3. Choose the monthly payment amount and how many months the payment plan should last
  4. Click Save

A package can have either a one-time payment pricing, or a monthly payment plan pricing. If you want to offer both options, you'll need to create separate packages.

Managing payment plans

You can see the current payment plan status for any package from your package dashboard. Each payment in a plan shows the date when it's due and whether the last automatic payment payment was successful or failed.

The payment plan can be cancelled at any time. Cancelling a plan stops automatic payment processing and sends an email to the client.

How payment plans work for the client

Clients see the full price of a package on your page, and pay the first monthly payment during the checkout process. This makes sure that they know the full price and commit to it when starting the payment plan.

Introwise automatically sends emails to your clients on payment plan confirmation, cancellation and completion (when all payments have been successfully processed).

Failed automatic payment attempts will send a reminder email to the client containing the payment schedule, and a link to the booked package, where the client can see and fix the payment if needed.

On the client's payment plan page a client can retry any failed automatic payment attempts. If the client needs to change their payment method they can update it during the payment retry process.

Payments are automatically re-attempted up to 4 times: in 1 hour, in 1 day after that, in 3 days after that, in 3 days after that (the final attempt). Clients can still manually fix and re-attempt the payment after that, but no automatic retries will be attempted.


A payment plan payment has failed

The most common reasons for a payment failure are 3DS authentication required by the bank and issues with the client's card, like insufficient funds.

For additional authentication the client will receive an automated email prompting them to retry the payment by following a special link to your booking page. If the payment stays in the failed state for more than 7 days we recommend contacting the client to remind them to retry the payment.

In other cases the payment failure is usually resolved on the next payment attempt, especially if the problem is in insufficient funds. We recommend reaching out to the client if the payment stays in the failed state for more than 7 days.

A client wants to cancel, how do I stop automatic payments?

If for any reason you want to stop automatic payments collection for the payment plan you can cancel it at any time in your packages dashboard. Please note that a cancelled payment plan cannot be restarted.

Payment plans are incompatible with your payment account

Payment plans feature currently requires you connecting a Stripe account and using it for processing automatic payments on the payment plan.

PayPal and manual/offline payments are currently not supported for the payment plans feature.

Cancelling the Pro plan subscription and payment plans

When you cancel the Pro plan subscription, all your currently active payment plans will continue to work and all the automatic payment will continue to be processed, but with an Introwise commission fee applied to it. Check the Growth and Free plans pricing for the most up-to-date commission percentage.

You won't be able to create new packages that use payment plan pricing after you cancel your Pro plan.