The ultimate scheduling solution for coaches and consultants

Streamline your scheduling, grow your business, and reclaim your valuable time with Introwise powerful all-in-one platform.

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Effortless scheduling for a seamless experience

No more juggling multiple tools and platforms! Introwise simplifies your scheduling process with easy availability management, one-time or recurring rules, buffer times, and seamless calendar integration. Set up custom working hours for different services and stay in control of your time.

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Scale your impact with group sessions and packages

Expand your reach with group sessions and sell your services in packages. Introwise automatically tracks booked and remaining sessions, allows you to set package limits, and helps you create "secret" offerings. Give your clients more value while growing your business.

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Automate your booking process and communication

Leave behind manual booking processes and focus on what matters most: your clients. With automated confirmation emails, calendar invites, and self-service cancellation/rescheduling, Introwise takes care of the nitty-gritty so you can concentrate on providing exceptional service.

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Grow your business. Let us handle the scheduling.

Discover the most powerful features designed to enhance your coaching and consulting business.

Seamless calendar integrations

Effortlessly sync your Google, Microsoft Outlook, or Apple Calendar for a smooth scheduling experience and prevent double-booking mishaps.

Personalized service offerings

Customize your service offerings, manage multiple availabilities, and set different working hours for each to meet your clients' unique needs.

Group sessions with individual bookings

Maximize your reach by hosting group sessions with individual bookings per participant, helping you impact more people at once

Secret offerings for exclusive clients

Hide selected services or packages on your booking page to create exclusive, invite-only offerings for VIP clients

Session packages with automatic tracking

Offer your clients bundled services, and let Introwise handle session tracking, package limits, and expiration dates automatically

Automated emails and receipts

Keep your clients informed with automated confirmation emails, calendar invites, and receipts, providing them with a seamless booking experience.

Customizable cancellation and rescheduling

Allow clients to easily cancel or reschedule sessions while setting custom advance notice rules and messages to maintain control over your calendar.

Flexible availability rules

Set one-time or recurring availability rules, minimum notice time, and maximum booking windows to stay in control of your schedule.

Buffer times for stress-free transitions

Add buffer times before and after sessions to ensure you have ample time to prepare or decompress between appointments, block times off to take a vacation or have a focus time.

More than just scheduling

With a no-code booking page builder, built-in HD video calls, payment integrations, discounts, lightweight CRM, and automation features, you have everything you need to thrive in one powerful platform.