Webinar Strategies for Coaches that Win You Clients

I wish I had more clients, I wish I had more clients, you think to yourself as you desperately throw a penny into a wishing well. Never mind that the penny represents the minuscule amount of money you have in your bank account; hopeful, you remain.

You are a coach that is looking to increase your coaching business. You are passionate about helping people. You want to learn how to market and sell your services better. You don’t just wish for clients; you need them. Luckily for you, your needs and wishes can become a reality by using a simple tool; webinars. Scott Paulsen, a sales coach/consultant, shares with us how to use webinar strategies to win clients, and he does so by using the very tool himself! So what are these amazing webinars that can help you win clients for your coaching business today?

What are Webinars?

If you have never considered a webinar or aren’t familiar with the way a webinar works, it’s time to join the bandwagon for one of the best online marketing tools for coaches. Webinars, or “web seminars,” are online presentations where people like you can inform and engage with your audience. This cost-efficient, community-building resource provides a magnificent platform to ask and answer questions, offer support, and share results. Speaking of results, this is one of the key points to offer your audience in your unique webinar, and possibly transform that wishing penny into a dollar. So how do these webinars work for winning clients and strengthening your online marketing model?

Utilizing Webinars for Your Coaching Business

If webinars are used to inform your clients, but you have no clients, then how can they help you? The answer is quite simple; all it takes is someone who needs a coach, to come across your webinar online, whether it be through social media, your website, or a simple search. Your job as a coach is to develop a sales mentality that is believable and results-driven, which a live webinar can help you achieve. Amongst many other reasons a cool tool like a live webinar would be a great start for your coaching business, Paulsen provides us with 13 reasons why you should use a webinar as a powerful tool to grow your clientele:

  1. Attract and engage a growing audience
  2. Position yourself as the expert
  3. Deliver value to your audience
  4. Communicate globally
  5. Host guest speakers and leverage their audience
  6. Generate new leads
  7. Qualify leads and build relationships
  8. Sell without hard selling
  9. Attract affiliates
  10. Speed up the sales cycle
  11. Cost efficient marketing
  12. Create evergreen content
  13. Increase sales

Generating a Keen Interest from Potential Clients

You can breathe again. You are finally getting some traction in your coaching business. The phone is ringing off the hook, emails are pouring in and your calendar is full. Finally, you’ve developed some interest from potential clients. Now, how do you close the deal?

Use a Selling Framework

Paulsen defines a selling framework or selling process as “the specific steps the buyer has to take in order to buy from you.” Like anything worth considering, having a method is necessary in order to achieve results. There are three key parts:

  1. Process: The steps toward buying a product or service.
  2. Pipeline: A sales tool to turn a lead into a client.
  3. Methodology: “The selling skills that we use or that you use to move your customers through the process” (Paulsen).

The figure below illustrates how the process, pipeline, and methodology work once you have achieved your clients. You, as the coach, are making your client aware of your business and how you can help them. Next, the client would consider if you would be worthy of buying from. Lastly, they would make a decision to move forward with you or not. All the information you share in your webinar, as well as how you master your selling process, will determine if you win a client or lose them. Using the above strategies is a great way to bring forth more opportunities to win more of those clients you so hope for!

Be Consistent and Follow-Through as a Coach

Continuing to offer your audience valuable information through webinars will open the door for future clients, increasing sales, and overall business growth. Paulsen suggests the strategy of hosting your webinars on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, between 12 am and 12 pm local time. The more that your audience has the chance to educate themselves on who you are and how you can assist them, the better chance you have at gaining them as clients.

You’ve Learned the Strategies, Now Get Your Clients

As a coach, the knowledge you share in your webinar, as well as your observable results, will naturally attract an audience of people who are interested in learning more about how you can serve them in an area they need improvement in. Coaches who bring a wealth of knowledge to the table and can teach clients how to achieve a positive outcome are what people search for. Running a successful coaching business is no easy task. But with the right webinar strategies in place, winning clients is possible. Find out more about coaching and how you can apply it to your business by clicking Scott Paulsen’s full webinar at the link below.

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