3 Steps to Get More Clients in Your Online Business

3 Steps to Get More Clients in Your Online Business

At Introwise, we recently had the chance to sit down with one of our amazing coaches: Femi Doyle Marshall. Femi helps coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs to improve their branding, marketing, and promotion; ultimately helping them get more clients and increase cash flow.

How does Femi do this? Well, he shared his insider tips with us - breaking down the process into 3 actionable steps. Before we reveal the tips, read the following statements and answer yes, or no.

“I spend too much time ______”

  • Trying to figure out how to get calls and appointments with new users
  • Slashing prices for my premium products, programs, or services
  • Working with people who are not perfectly suitable to my business solution

If you find yourself agreeing to any of the 3 items on that list - you’re in the wrong headspace. That’s ok! Chances are, many business owners have felt bogged down by these struggles at some point in your entrepreneurial journey. This post will help remind you of the value of your services. Let’s eliminate those struggles and start with a new mindset.

Necessary Mindshifts

  • Hang your “ego hat” on the door; be ready to learn from others
  • Successful people have successful patterns
  • Be ready to break through blocks with your actions
  • Build your mind; as habits, patterns, and routines start there!

Already feeling inspired? Great! Let’s get more clients.

3 Steps to Get More Clients

As an online business owner, you should first get clear about your “why”. Why do you need more clients, more cash flow, more appointments? How will this exchange between you and your clients serve you?

In order to see the results you want - you need to know the purpose behind your actions and execute those actions with determination and power. This formula will help keep you on the track toward more time, money, and energy.

So, what’s the first step?

Step 1: Create an appealing premium package

Begin with leveraging what you currently have, by understanding your brand and what you have to offer. If you’re just starting out with your business idea - you can look into your current network and see what your audience needs. How can you solve their problem? Consider what they need and how you can then position yourself to appeal to them.

The following questions will help you to better understand how to create your package/ business offerings.

  • What skills or resources do I currently have that someone is willing to pay for?
  • With this current skill set - how have I helped someone within the last 30 days?
  • Why would someone invest their time, energy, and money into what I have to offer?

Once you have thought through the above ideas, you should then create an organized premium package that appeals to your ideal client.

Who is your ideal client? Someone ready, willing, and able to invest in your offerings.

front facing vs back facing

Step 2: Become a promotional powerhouse

This premium package for your perfect ideal client is nothing without some promotion. You need to get your ideas and services out there! Here, we go back to the focus, what you want: more clients. As you begin your promotional processes, the following questions will guide you in the right direction.

  • Who are your perfect prospects? Think about demographics here (age, sex, geographic location, job, income level, etc.)
  • Where are they likely to be? What platforms are they actively engaging with? Who are your direct and indirect competitors?
  • What would interest them? How do you authentically interact with them?

Now, you should have a deeper understanding of your ideal client. With this, you’re ready to begin creating original, valuable content to promote your brand. 2 methods to help you do that are: paid and organic digital marketing.

You can reach your audience through organic digital marketing. This could be joining various Facebook groups relevant to your prospective clients interests, where will they be listening? Start conversations there! Create social media business accounts connected to your personal accounts so that people can interact with the real you.

You are as worthy as your investment - Femi Doyle Marshall

Additionally, you can use paid digital marketing to promote your business on the same social media platforms, and beyond. Optimize your organic interactions by noticing which posts caught the most attention. Once you have that, you can take it a step further and display ads with a similar message on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.

Using both methods, you become more specific with your targeting, which generates higher quality leads.

Become a powerhouse, create content on a variety of platforms that draws the right people to you. Be consistent with your promotion, create patterns and a habit of interacting with your potential clients. Get those bookings!

Step 3: Finalize your perfect pitch

Now that you’ve considered your perfect client, what you can offer them, and how to promote your premium package - you need to be confident in your pitch. Your pitch is the transactional step; bringing everything together.

Before you pitch, there are some “must have” elements you need to get in order first.

  1. You need a page or website that allows you to collect from and provide information to your prospective clients.
  2. You should review different payment processors and choose the most appropriate for your online business.
  3. An intuitive calendar scheduling program for your clients to book appointments.

Ideally, you should have one single page that you direct clients to so they can easily view your premium packages, schedule appointments, and pay for services at once. This page is your perfect pitch and is exactly why we built Introwise to have all of these elements.

Introwise page with all elements to get more clients

Technology is Your Online Business Advantage

If it wasn’t obvious to you before, hopefully now you understand that as an online business owner, you have a unique advantage. You can leverage technology as a tool to grow your business and get more clients.

  1. Scheduling appointments through direct messaging, email marketing, or scheduling service platforms like Introwise that allow you to create a single landing page for your packages, promotions and perfect pitch.
  2. Ability to provide low risk purchase offers through direct sales marketing on social media platforms, or create multiple product/program promotions to generate more cash flow at your discretion.
  3. High quality engagement with your prospective clients with organic and paid marketing opportunities

If you don't yet have a website that can easily offer paid services and manage your calendar, consider signing up for a free Introwise account. With the free plan there are no monthly fees and you can pay as you go.