Nadine Muro

Holistic Health Coach and Baby-led Sleep and Wellness Specialist

Hello dear, becoming a mum is overwhelming and very emotional. We feel very unprepared and often do not know what normal infant sleep means, how to navigate challenges related to breastfeeding, introduction of solids, transition to childcare , and more. With the hope to gain back control, we start googling and are looking for answers in the web. This can lead to more anxiety and overwhelm. I want to empower you to trust your intuition instead. I will help you to feel more calm and confident in your new role as a mum by providing you all the necessary information you need to enjoy a wholehearted bond with your baby and to experience a peaceful and happy family life, right from the start! I want to help you to find a peaceful intuitive sleep pattern with your baby so you can regain your energy and simply thrive in your new role as a mum! I am looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to book a free discovery call, so we can get to know each other 🤍. Lots of love, Nadine


  • Sleep Coaching - 1 month
    CHF 250.00 for 2 sessions
  • Holistic Health Coaching - 3 months
    CHF 600.00 for 6 sessions
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Free Discovery Call

Free, 15 mins

Sleep Coaching 1 hour

CHF 120.00 for 1 hour

Included in this 60-minute consultation is an assessment of your baby's sleep and unique family situation, a discussion about age-appropriate sleep and how to get more sleep.

Holistic Health Coaching 1 hour

CHF 120.00 for 1 hour

In this session we will assess your health history and define areas of your life that deserve attention. Together we will get clear on your intentions and identify actions that you can implement towards a more balanced and happier life.

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