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Hi, I'm Maridor!

Experienced Data and Systems Analyst, MBA, Project Manager, Software Engineer

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I have more than 10 years of experience working as a Systems and Data Analyst. I have worked and am working for multinational and Fortune 500 companies, such as Accenture Inc. and Centene Corporation. As a Systems Analyst, I have experienced managing a team of more than 10 developers to build large-scale, highly visible, and strategic web applications for Accenture’s Chief Information Office. With this experience, I became very familiar with the software development lifecycle and was able to apply project management skills. My most recent experience for this role was working with Metropolitan Opera where I collaborated with users and created and developed queries to aid them with analyzing performance data. As a Data Analyst, my experience is mostly with healthcare data. I developed tools to generate monthly KPI and operational metrics and built dashboards to present these to managers. I have worked on data both from the provider’s and health plan’s perspectives. I know the pains and disappointments of searching and applying for jobs, especially after being in the job market after more than 5 years and doing this while I was also going to school full-time. I can offer a personalized career consulting service that includes: technical interview preparation, mock interviews, case study/assessment reviews, and help improve your programming and dashboarding skills using SQL, Python, and Tableau. My focus is more on technical positions such as Data Analyst/Engineer and Systems/Business Analyst. I also have a certificate in HR Management from the University of Redlands (California) which we can both use as a handy tool to know how recruiters and companies think during the hiring process. My goal is to get you that job that you have been dreaming about. I am here as a mentor and friend to ease the burden of the job application process. I have a very flexible calendar so please feel free to contact me at your most convenient time!

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