Hi, I'm Maridor!

Experienced Data and Systems Analyst, MBA, Project Manager, Software Engineer

What I can share

I have more than 10 years of experience working as a Systems and Data Analyst. I am currently working as an Analytics and Modeling Specialist for Accenture Inc. In this role, I use my data analyst skills to provide valuable insights to Sales Operations Leads to help them meet their targets and to know whether their selling and pricing strategies are working. As a Systems Analyst, I have experience managing a team of more than 10 developers to build large-scale, highly visible, and strategic web applications for Accenture’s Chief Information Officer. With this experience, I became very familiar with the software development lifecycle and was able to apply project management skills. My most recent experience for this role was working with Metropolitan Opera where I collaborated with users and created and developed queries to aid them with analyzing performance data. As a Data Analyst, I have several years of experience analyzing healthcare data and have worked on data both from the provider's and health plan's perspectives. I developed tools to generate monthly KPI and operational metrics and built dashboards to present these to managers. I have experienced the pains and disappointments of searching and applying for jobs. Recently, because of all the things I have learned during job applications and several job interview experiences, I was able to get 3 offers from companies such as Paysafe, UCLA, and Accenture. I would love to share the knowledge and skills I gained from these experiences so you can get the job you have been dreaming of. I offer a personalized career consulting service that includes: technical interview prep, mock interviews, case study/assessment reviews, and help you improve on your data analyst skills using SQL, Python, and Tableau. I specialize in tech positions such as Data Analyst/Engineer and Systems/Business Analyst. I am here as a mentor and friend. I have a flexible calendar so please feel free to contact me at your convenience!

General Questions

$20.00 for 30 mins

A 30 mins slot can be used to discuss high-level questions like what it's like working in finance/tech industry, what's the general interview process, etc.

1:1 Personalized Session

$30.00 for 45 mins

A 45 mins slot is useful for discussing in-depth challenges and goals.

1:1 Personalized Session

$40.00 for 1 hour

A one-hour slot is useful for discussing in-depth challenges and goals.

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