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With over 12 years of marketing and growth experience, I have a passion for all things digital marketing. I can help you with: 💻 growing your business through blogging 📱Social media marketing 📥 email marketing 📝 content marketing & copywriting 📈 conversion optimization 📊 overall strategy for online growth Some of my past wins: - increased avg. conversion rate of landing page by 55% - increased organic traffic from 5k to 250K - increased MQLs from gated asset by 500% with email drip campaign - doubled organic App Store downloads YoY with ASO Get my free guide to writing blog posts: http://bit.ly/free-blog-guide **Testimonial** “I did a Strategic Marketing Session with Hilary and it was so helpful! I came away from the meeting with a solid game plan in place for creating a Facebook community for my business. She had so many ideas and implementations that I never would have thought of on my own. I’m exciting about our next sessions. I would highly recommend Hilary for any of your social media marketing needs!" -Emily "A lot of what I now know about user journey, SEO, and digital marketing in general is thanks to Hilary's trainings. She knows all the best SEO tools and is quick to share her extensive knowledge." - Erica "Hilary's course made me realize that content marketing isn't difficult. And I totally enjoyed Hilary's style of teaching, she is friendly and gives content that easy to consume for any level of attendees." -Ksenia

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Let's look at your best options to generate leads, improve your conversion, and make more money! Get advice on SEO (on page, off page, content creation), email marketing, conversion optimization, and any other growth marketing topics on this one hour call.

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