Tim Powers

Voice Acting Coaching

Is your inner storyteller begging to break free? Does your voice crave the thrill of narration, animation, or captivating narration? ✨

Meet Tim Powers, your expert guide to unlocking your unique voice potential!

No cookie-cutter training here. Tim tailors his program to your one-of-a-kind voice, just like a fingerprint. From breath control to character creation, you'll master the art of voice acting.

Remember, it's a journey, not a sprint. ‍ Tim equips you with the tools and techniques to consistently train your voice, like exercising an instrument. Practice while getting ready, in spare moments - anywhere, anytime!

Don't wait for your "big break." Start honing your skills now! Tim's dynamic sessions help you integrate voice acting into your daily routine.

Ready to let your voice shine?


  • 6 One-Hour Coaching Sessions.
    $750.00 for 6 sessions
  • 4 One-Hour Coaching Sessions
    $600.00 for 4 sessions
Already booked a package?

15-min Cup Of Coffee

Free, 15 mins

Get expert feedback on your voice acting skills or career direction in a FREE 15-minute consultation with a seasoned coach. ️ Whether you're... Unsure if voiceover is right for you Seeking guidance on technique or performance Facing challenges in your voiceover career Looking for honest feedback on your demo or skills This quick session is your chance to gain valuable insights and explore your next steps. No strings attached, just free expertise!

Stand Alone 60-MInute Session

$175.00 for 1 hour

Get personalized coaching on script analysis, character work, finding the scene & more. Get direction on a job, prep for an audition, or simply boost your vocal confidence. Every session is tailored to YOU!

Jar of Nutella from Ireland (30 Ounces) (MD's Only)

$50.00 for 30 mins

30. With Tim. MD's Only.

Jar of Nutella from Ireland (60 oz) (MD's Only)

$100.00 for 1 hour

60 with Tim. MD's Only, please.

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