Selvi Nadarajan

Women in Tech Mentor | Emotional Coach | IT Shared Service | Thought Leader |

What I can share

Welcome to my page ! I am passionate about helping women and men shine as people managers and build great teams. I like to lead from my heart rather than my head. After having close to 25 industrious years within Banking, Retail and Life Science industries, I have moved on into Consulting business since 2020. When the whole world was grappling to manage the biggest change which happened to us with the Pandemic, I was delighted to embark on a new career journey. I believe all of us are geniuses in our own ways. We just need the right method to tap on that often hidden talent. If you like to have a chat with me, please feel free to book my time.

Women in Tech Mentoring

$119.00 for 1 hour

One hour mentoring session for women in tech. If you're a part of the WIT mentorship program use your unique coupon code for an exclusive discount.

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