Jason Tan

Pharmacist | NLP Master Practitioner | Consultant Coach

What I can share

Pharmacist Jason Tan is a man of many talents, who has acquired much knowledge about self-improvement, health, wellness, mental health, lifestyle and communications. After completing a pharmacy degree, Ph. Jason Tan has been working as a pharmacist for over 10 years. He has worked in various retail pharmacies and was responsible for managing drug dispensing services, patient care programs and health education programs. He went on to further study in the area of psychology and most importantly self-improvement. He wishes to use his experience and knowledge to share his passion to help the community. He has a personal health and wellness coaching and consulting business where he helps people improve their health and wellness through exercise and nutrition programs. He's also an NLP practitioner and a Master Practitioner, which means he has received extra training in NLP, which allows him to help clients overcome their mental obstacles so they can achieve their goals.

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