Philip Almen

Mental health advocate, licensed therapist and soul searcher

What I can share

Hi! Lovely to meet you, I'm Philip. I truly believe that the will to widen your horizon and stay curious is a way to feel alive. Let's share experiences, knowledge and best of all: Have fun while learning something new! Let's go! / P

Cognitive behavioural therapy / Coaching

SEK 1,200.00 for 1 hour

Life is troubling you? Want a new way of looking at things?

Solo traveling tips

SEK 500.00 for 30 mins

For you who plan to travel solo for the very first time. I give you a step by step guide to apps, booking websites, packing list, destinations, etc. Hit me up!

Event managing

SEK 350.00 for 30 mins

My long experience of hosting poetry nights and other cultural events. I give you tips about the do's and don'ts.

Men's group

SEK 800.00 for 45 mins

Let's break the stereotype. Let's be vulnerable together. Let's talk about and show emotions. We're approaching fragility and welcome it as a strength. We talk about relationships, common place things, inner demons, sexuality, porn, culture, music - whatever comes to mind. We wear our hearts on our sleeves.

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