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Experienced Coach, Educator, Serial Entrepreneur & Hard Life Overcomer

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Welcome to Team You ! This is your SPEW coach Natasha E. Russell. Here THE FOCUS IS YOU! Welcome to my introwise Page I am a passionate business tactician, life and relationship coach. Faith, Happiness and Winnings are our words. If you are committed to: • Looking at the truths and • Accepting that change is inevitable ; If you are excited: • At the prospect of living your best life • Developing winning habits • To work hard on you and all you do • To become the best version of you; THEN I AM THE COACH FOR YOU! I will happily show you how to S.P.E.W. in every area of your life. I believe in working with the holistic person (“ DI WHOLE A YUH!”) Remember to take your cues from the trees... No tree that grows to be massively fruitful ever continues with the same limb or leaves it started with. It had to shed some dead weight! Check out my services by booking an introductory session. Cheers to your metamorphosis, growth and massive success. Looking forward to serving you!

30-mins Consultation

Free, 30 mins

Business Development Session

$3,500.00 for 1 hour

Business Start Up Guide From brainstorming idea to taking to market

Self Love Unpacking Personal Session

$2,500.00 for 30 mins

Self love Kit Why do I feel like no one loves me ? Am I incapable of love? Come let us explore the dilemma.

SPEW Motivational Session

$3,000.00 for 30 mins

Suffering from burn out? Confusion? Frustration? Let's get it together. Our life is being wasted! Up Up Let's Go!

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