Margarita Gavrikova

Existential Psychologist

What I can share

I help those who want explore their true self, find inner freedom and live authentic fulfilling life. I help to figure out what prevents you from revealing your true potential (personal, professional, financial), release energy from fears and traumas. Areas of work: psychoanalysis, existential psychotherapy, systemic approach. Topics I can be most helpful with: - Relationship issues - Anxiety, restlessness, general state of tension - Doubts and difficulties in making an important decision - Feeling a ceiling in finance, business, or career - Impostor syndrome, self-doubt - Fear of public speaking, self-presentation, selling one's services - Lack of energy - Apathy, procrastination - Emotional burnout - Co-dependent relationships - Self-understanding and self-determination. Understand what to do: what do I really want to do? where do I belong? where can I achieve the most?

Personal session

€60.00 for 45 mins

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