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Book to keep wheel-spinning in the evil EGO-driven, restricting "time" construct

Stephen Lymbery has a firm comprehension of "language" and what artificial-ego "thinks" history is. "He" will basically blow thy mind with exactly how ATTACHED to a MASSIVELY artificial EGO his True and Authentic-Self doesn't yet realise with real eyes. Agent:Swift (rick) has good connection with his Authentic-self, and realises he is not the artificial ego (Satanic "bane-mainframe" programming). For the calm voice of reason with the Crown-Freedman knowledge of the demonic pseudo-Crown of the public court system... Surf Life Saving, Martial "ART"s, Food Protection, and commonsense (with the odd funny "dad joke":) The choices are wide open... Speak with one, two, or all three mentors... In the call notes, simply mention thy desire with whom to meet.

Free 15-mins with Stephen Lymbery

Free, 15 mins

This free introductory call is for the meeting with the Authentic-Stephen-Lymbery not yet realising how much in love "he" is with the deeply-attached-evil-ego.

30-minute Consultation with Stephen Lymbery

A$40.00 for 30 mins

Attain blinded Authentic-Stephen-Lymbery and attached-ego's assi(ego)stance via this 30-minute consultation.

Free 15-minutes with Agent:Swift (rick)

Free, 15 mins

This free introductory call is for the meeting with Agent:Swift (rick) one-to-one.

30-minute consultation with Agent:Swift (rick)

A$40.00 for 30 mins

For attaining "dead-corporate-world" guidance with Agent:Swift (rick) via this 30-minute consultation.

Free 15-mins with Crown Freedman

Free, 15 mins

For the introductory call with the Authentic-Crown-Freedman.

30-minute Consultation with Crown Freedman

A$40.00 for 30 mins

For the call with the Authentic-Crown-Freedman (30-minute consultation).

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