Hi, I'm Lauri!

Experienced product management and design practitioner. Ex-Pipedrive

What I can share

Previously a senior product manager from Pipedrive, I can quickly validate your startup idea to find the product-market fit. ‍ I bring 15 years of experience in product discovery & development. I am a hands-on practitioner and that starts with market analysis, creating prototypes right through building out backlogs and release plans. Hire me to help you to find product-market fit faster. I am good at: ◦ Understanding the problems on the market and translating this into a prioritised list of opportunities ◦ Building interactive prototypes for web and mobile ◦ Design Sprints ◦ Jobs to be Done framework ◦ Setting up user data tracking ◦ User data analysis ◦ User interviews and workshops ◦ Setting up a full scale Scrum product team ◦ Agile methodologies ◦ Recruiting beta testers ◦ A/B testing solutions in production environment ◦ Mobile app releasing on App Store and Google Play

Personal Session

€99.00 for 1 hour

Practical advice on scaling your startup product development and finding product-market fit.

Quick 1:1 Call

Free, 30 mins

A free session and quick tips for product discovery, finding product market fit, releasing new features and testing out new hypotheses.

Group sessions

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