Juliette Cross

Peer Mentor - ADHD and Life Optimisation

What I can share

Hi there! I am passionate about helping people break out of the expected mould and live the life they want. Talk to me about making university work for you, finding a job that will compliment your skill type and optimising aspects of your life so you can spend more time doing what you love. I have a Bachelor of Psychological Science, Bachelor of Business and am currently working towards my Masters of Social Work

University Optimisation

A$20.00 for 30 mins

Do you have big dreams and traditional university just isn’t working for you? Talk to me about how we can make university or other study work for you as well and find a way to help you reach your dreams

Peer Mentor Session: ADHD

A$20.00 for 30 mins

Do you have or suspect you have ADHD? Are you struggling with doing things ‘the normal way?’ Talk to me about how we can make life easier for you - from laundry to remembering to eat to motivation for doing school work Disclaimer: I am not an expert but I have plenty of lived experience so let me help you so you don’t have to do as much work to live your best life!

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