Hi, I'm Julia!

Chocolate and sugar free desserts maker

What I can share

Welcome to my Introwise page. I'm glad to see you here. I can teach you to make delicious refined sugar free chocolate at home. You can create your own unique dessert, you will control all the process, you will abcolutly confident in ingredienta which you use, and it will be a safe desserts for according to your food preferences. I will share with you my experience and help to have the best result in your own experience. You can make delicious chocolate without any sweetener. You can make chocolate with coconut or cane sugar You can make chocolate with honey or syrups You can make keto friendly chocolate with monk or stevia. If you want to learn how to make chocolate at home, I will help you to achive your goal. Book the session and let's start.

30-mins Consultation

Free, 30 mins

At this session we will discuss your goals in chocolate making, what ingredients and equipment you need for this process and then, if you want, you can book 1 hour session, where we will cook together your fist chocolate online.

A lesson on making sugar free chocolate

$100.00 for 1 hour

I will support your entire chocolate making process from the beginning to the end to help you get the best possible result. We will discuss all the details and you will receive your first batch of handmade chocolate.

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