Jose Duplito

New Leader and Manager coach

What I can share

Many new leaders and managers lack confidence, fear failure, resist change, or have the feeling of impostor syndrome when starting out. These are common roadblocks to leadership success. New managers have common challenges such as: • Shifting mindset from contributor to leader • Not knowing how to manage conflict • Not knowing how to motivate others • Lack of coaching skills • Pressure to perform as a manager • Not having resilience strategies to manage stress • Not knowing how to manage time I help business owners, aspiring, and new leaders achieve competency so that they can hit the ground running, make a difference, and generate value in their business and role. Learn to lead and manage yourself, your team, and your business operations by having the frameworks to thrive in your new leadership or manager role. • Learn the six main focus you must have as a new leader. • Learn the four key things that outline what you have to do to be an effective manager. • Understand the one key thing that ties everything above and forms the basis of your role. • Learn a simple time management system that will ensure you get the most important things done • Learn how to coach like a pro and have the difficult conversations you and your company need to unlock full potential of your people. • Learn how to drive accountability and create a culture of high performing team. If you are an aspiring or new leader/manager and willing invest in yourself to be successful in your role and to put in the work , book a call now.

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