Hi, I'm Jennifer!


What I can share

Sessions in English, Spanish and Portuguese. As we live our lives, we all face problems we do not know how to solve. Sometimes we feel certain unwanted situations are repeated in our life. Learn to take the reins of your life without fears or dependencies. • Communication and relationship problems • Psychosomatic symptoms (back hurting, stomach aches,etc) • Work problems, insecurities, harassment • Unresolved grievances • Inadequate handling of emotions: depression/ sadness, anger, irritation, frustration, annoyance and many more emotions • Obsessions • Stress, Insecurity, Doubts, Anxiety, Anguish, Fears, etc Todos nos enfrentamos a problemas que no sabemos resolver o ante los que nos surgen dificultades. Nuestro objetivo es ayudarte a que las superes y que aprendas a llevar las riendas de tu vida. *Problemas de comunicación y relacionales *Enfermedades psicosomáticas *Problemas laborales, inseguridad, acoso, mobbing *Conflictos no resueltos *Manejo inadecuado de las emociones *Carencias afectivas *Obsesiones *Trastornos del carácter *Estrés, inseguridad, dudas, ansiedad, angustia, miedos, etc.

Personal session

€60.00 for 1 hour

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