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Welcome to my forsight and process based coaching approach. I am a coach and management consultant with a longterm international experience; my consulting and coaching company is based in southern France; my clients are in Europe, Middle East, USA, Far East. My mission is to help individuals and organizations in anticipating future changes and challenges in order to develop future-proof strategies. The core of my coaching approach is the scenario-process which helps you to develop scenarios of your business environment, to anticipate future opportunities and risks and to prepare for them. The result is a master strategy enabling you to become sucessful in various business environments. My services comprise individual and group coachings online and onsite, seminars, workshops, key-note lectures and complex foresight projects for organizations. My motto is "Become the CEO of your life". Identify your future markets as a coach, as a company and be ahead of your competitors thanks to this future oriented process. Don't be afraid, but courageous and have fun in exploring what the future might be for you. For a first impression, see my website: www.scenarios-vision.com

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