Hi, I'm Hanna!

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Hi there! My name is Hanna and I'm good at writing CVs and motivation letters! How do I know that I am good at it? I myself started my career at corporation PepsiCo without any prior experience, got offers from Philips, EY, Mckinsey, and got the job at the startup that was not even hiring! As I am passionate about helping people to make outstanding CVs, I helped my friends to get jobs at Goldman Sachs, EY, PepsiCo, L'oreal, and several startups! If you know what do you want, I can help you achieve it !

30-mins Consultation

Free, 30 mins

CV/resume writing

PLN 250.00 for 1 hour

I know that there are many "consultants" out there, who only lead you in the right direction. Although, it's not my approach. I will do 70% of the work for you. I always start with reviewing your existing (old) CV and discuss with you each of your experiences, so that I clearly understand what you did. After that, I will make changes, add comments, questions, formulate catchy sentences, and layout for your CV. In the end you will get a tailor made CV, that will be ready do be sent to the recruiters! By the way, in case we need one more meetig it will be free!

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