Hi, I'm Felype!

A Psychologist from a land far, far away

What I can share

I´ve gratuated one month before the pandemic started, so it´s all been uphill since then. During this time, I kept on working with my clients, and together, building a relationship of trust and commitment to their goals, we achieved new heights for them and raised the ceiling of their ambitions. I speak both English and Portuguese fluently, and have a good conversational Spanish (Castellano), so the language barrier in this connected world get smaller. I have experiences with clients of multiple ways of life, from working with technology, to those working with healthcare or law, from having children to looking for a relationship, and those who already are estabilished on the work place to those who don´t know what to do in the future. Thank you for reading, and hope we can speak soon!

Personal session

$50.00 for 1 hour

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