Hi, I'm Ashwin!

Experience sales manager with 7 years experience

What I can share

Hi there is Ash from Canada I worked and travelled extensively in Uk and Newzealand. I hold a PG diploma in business management and Graduate Diploma in International business from Auckland Institute of studies. I worked in retail sales and sales management role for 7 years , being top sales person in my company. I can train salesman how to sell how to convert the sale naturally and most importantly I will teach you the techniques of closing sale without even person realizing he is been sold a service or product. Take a one hour session with me and transform your life and take it to new level

30-mins Consultation

Free, 30 mins

Closing sales

CA$50.00 for 1 hour

A whole new beginning and kick start to your sales career by understanding the concept of sales and closing the deal

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