Hi, I'm Alex!

Personal Coach | Supervisor for Executive Coaches

What I can share

I am a trained supervisor and hold a PCC credential with ICF. I create personal transformation through conversation. My coaching and supervision practice has roots in a 20-year career in military operational flying and advanced flight instruction. Here, I learned the value of potent leadership, effective communication and relationships within complex, high-risk, and dynamic environments. My deep passion for coach supervision comes from my personal experience of its transformational impact, as well as my aviation background in standards, training and performance review. I supervise coaches one-to-one and in groups. As supervisor, I work in an accepting and explorative way to recognise where coaches get in the way of themselves, especially with challenging clients; working towards feeling more grounded, gaining clarity in what is going on in practice and being more effective with clients. In coaching, I help business leaders successfully navigate their own systems, organisations and environments, through accurate sense-making, self-management and a whole-person, whole-organisation approach to authentic problem solving. I globally provide - coach supervision for individuals and groups - coach supervision for organisations - personal coaching - coaching packages for organisations Career highlights: - Leader of the South African Air Force's formation aerobatic team The Silver Falcons - Leaving the military to start my own business. I jumped in the deep end, learning the ropes on the job. I now have an established coaching and supervision business - Advanced flight instructor: testing and training qualified fighter, helicopter and transport pilots in how to give flying instruction - Operational helicopter pilot and flight instructor: flying operational sorties in and outside of South Africa’s borders; testing and training aircrew in regular and operational flying. - Leaving a long career as a military aviator to start my own practice as a coach and coach supervisor

Personal Coaching

$170.00 for 1 hour

Make a booking for an hour of online coaching.

Coaching for Business Leaders

$400.00 for 1 hour

Make a booking for an hour of online coaching for business leaders. Discover how to optimise your approach to anything in business- relationships, communication, delegation, leadership, managing complexity and more.

Coach Supervision

$170.00 for 1 hour

Make a booking for an hour of online supervision. Professional development work to learn and grow from your relationships with clients and manage your practice.

Marketing with a Conscience- Disc. Call

Free, 30 mins

For coaches, therapists, consultants etc. looking for an alternative, ethical and values-based approach to marketing.This is a short call to map out your needs and interest in a package of bespoke group sessions over 6 months, where we lead you through our novel framework as a foundation for discovering your own approach to values-based marketing. The groups start in January 2022, running monthly for 6 months.

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