Hi, I'm Virgo!

Experienced music sector educator, researcher and consultant

What I can share

I can help you or your organisation in the music sector to build a strategy and devise an action plan to implement it, to design and implement training programmes, from one-off workshops to full academic curricula; or develop ideas into projects, including writing up project plans and grant proposals. All of this cannot be achieved in 60 minute consultations, but we can get started by a quick analysis of your ideas, the state of play and feasibility of approaches chosen. After the consultation I will write a summary, including ideas and approaches discussed and some further recommendation as to the next steps. I am a Brussels-based Estonian researcher, educator and a consultant with 20 years of experience in working in the music sector. I started as a guitarist, composer and arranger and led a fulfilling professional career for 13 years. I also worked actively in music education between 2008 - 2013, teaching a wide array of music theory disciplines both in vocational and higher educational contexts. As an educator, I have written a music theory handbook, led the creation of an innovative set of aural learning materials, founded the Estonian Rhythmic Music Education Society, organised conferences and training for Estonian music educators and has served on several councils and boards. In 2014, I founded and served as the managing director and an acting chairman of the board of Music Estonia, a non-profit association focused on sector development and export capacity. In that position he devised and piloted the first music business curriculum in Estonia (2019-20). Currently I'm coordinating the European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE) network, serving on the Estonian Authors’ Society board and doing guest lectures and workshops in various universities and academies in Europe while also conducting research in music ecosystem and policy related topics. I'm also pursuing my 2nd MA degree and continuing studies in public administration and policy analysis.

Personal session

€150.00 for 1 h 0 mins

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