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Psychologist in Estonia

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Hi, my name is Theo and I work as a psychologist in Estonia. I finished my Bachelor's degree in Psychology in The Netherlands. After that I studied Sport Psychology in Finland. At the moment I am doing a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, a PhD in Psychology and I work as a psychologist at the mental health centre in Tallinn. If im not studying/working then I am usually reading. I like to educate myself, learn more about people and how to help them. I also enjoy exercising and making healthy food. I believe that my strength lies in the ability to carefully listen to the person sitting in front of me. Often we have the answers already within us. We just need someone to help us get it out. Also, having someone who listens and being able to express ourselves can be therapeutic on its own. Talking about one's problems is something that is difficult, especially with a psychologist that you don't know. My aim is to create a safe environment where you feel comfortable. At the end of our first session we will decide how to move forward. This is the part where there are different options available. Maybe you already know how you want to move forward. Perhaps you need some help. In that case we will discuss how to continue with the next sessions. I look forward to hear from you! Theo

Personal session

€40.00 for 1 hour

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