Hi, I'm Sergei!

Founded 24 projects, 3 of them with valuation of $10M, $100M and ~$1B

What I can share

I’m 35, father of 2, husband of my lovely wife, living in Estonia and starting lots of businesses. Until now I’m already 18 years in founding different projects, started with a restaurant and up to most successful businesses in AdTech ($10M valuation), Trading Platform ($100M valuation) and iGaming (about $1B valuation). I’m also a part of a venture fund with €45M in hands. We invest in seed rounds of different startups. My motto is: It’s all about people and people are different. Lets dig in and understand HOW different they are, what are their values, motivations, roles, energy levels, etc. Why do you need it? It won’t only show who YOU are, but also give lots of information about people around: your wife/husband, kids, business partners, colleagues, friends and so on. You will learn how to sell to different people, how to see talents around you, how to build the best team and finally how to solve your own internal questions. I’m not a coach or psychologist. I’m a founder of different businesses. My experience is coming from practice, lots of stories and lots of fails. I suggest to have a call with me only if you are also a founder and only if you are struggling with some questions not only within your business, but also within your personal life. Successful people are not always happy ones. But happy people are always successful. Before booking a session with me, I need to prepare myself and learn something about you. Please firstly send your linkedin profile and any additional information to me: sergei.verbitski@gmail.com

Personal session

€200.00 for 30 mins

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