Hi, I'm Muhammad!

I am an expert in IT system implementation , Support and Integration Services

What I can share

I have 22 years of IT industry experience in all domains but mainly in technical support, ERP software development and ERP Integration services. I am skilled at managing teams, communicating plans and directives to upper management. I have the ability in gathering business requirements to define process gaps and bring ideas in to reality. I have fond memories of my time spent in fortune 500, and would enjoy helping your organization reach its goals for efficient management as well highest financial objectives. Currently I am working with natural Calm Canada as in independent contractor for developing and implementing their sales & distribution ERP management software system. Prior to that I worked as a project manager for the development of compete enterprise software (ERP ) of Walmart fleet outsourced by Trailcon leasing. I represented the IT department during the research, planning and execution phases. I coordinated with the client and the other department heads, presenting the findings of the IT department on the feasibility of the implementation. I kept the IT department up-to-date on all current security protocols, training needs and updates. The fleet enterprise system was delivered in five years time.

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