Hi, I'm Marek!

Strategic Comms & Messaging Advisor

What I can share

Having worked with TransferWise and Bolt in the past 5 years, I now work with early-stage and fast-growing companies as a strategic communications advisor, helping them with their key messages, comms plans, media relations, hiring or agency management. What we can get done in 30 to 60 minutes: - Get feedback on your messaging (is it clear, bold, different enough) - Get feedback on your communications strategy (what, when, how should I do PR) - Get suggestions on expanding your PR to new markets - Get feedback on your press release and/or media relations tactics - Get suggestions on how to pitch your product or service - Discuss PR risks related to your company or industry - Discuss when and how to get a PR agency and what to expect We probably have time to cover one, at most two of the above topics. What's unlikely to happen in 30 to 60 minutes: - Writing a whole new messaging platform - Setting up a comprehensive PR plan - Co-writing a press release or a pitch

Personal session

€90.00 for 30 mins

Personal session

€180.00 for 1 hour

Group sessions

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