Marek Unt

I help startups with messaging and growth

In the past 5 years I have worked as a comms / marketing exec at companies like Wise, Bolt and Grünfin. Now I help fast-growing and early-stage companies with their key messages, PR, growth and go-to-market plans, and talent development. Companies I've advised or worked with include Katana, SingleEarth, TaxScouts, Planet42, Cachet, Printify, Rendin, Auve Tech and others. What we can get done in 30 to 60 minutes: - Review your messaging (is it clear, bold, different enough) - Talk through and sense check your marketing strategy - Get feedback on your media relations and marketing tactics - Get suggestions on how to pitch your product or service - Discuss communications risks related to your company or industry - Discuss when and how to onboard an agency and what to expect - Discuss your personal challenges as a marketer or a founder doing marketing We probably have time to cover one or two of the above topics. What's unlikely to happen in 30 to 60 minutes: - Writing a whole new messaging platform - Coming up with fresh copy for your website or pitch deck - Co-writing a press release or a pitch - Setting up a comprehensive marketing plan


  • Individual coaching (5 sessions)
    €640.00 for 5 sessions
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