Hi, I'm Margarita!

Psychologist for professionals and entrepreneurs (Russian & English)

What I can share

I'm a therapist for entrepreneurs, investors and ambitious professionals. I work with those who strive to unleash and experience own potential at its fullest, live meaningful and fulfilling life, who feel that they CAN and DESERVE more, with those who are ready to know true self and find the freedom to be themselves. I also help to get from 'good' to 'much better'. I help to figure out what prevents you from revealing your true scale (personal, professional, financial), release energy from fears and traumas so you can move towards your goals, be happy and successful in self-fulfillment. Areas of work: psychoanalysis, existential psychotherapy, hypnotherapy techniques, systemic constellations, EMDR, etc. ABOUT ME Before becoming a full-time psychologist I've been doing startups for 6 years - working on MVPs, doing endless custdevs, pitching to investors, working with teams and mentors in Silicon Valley and all things a startup founder would do. That was followed by 5 years in Learning Experience Design and Digital Product Management. Topics I can be most helpful with: - Fears, doubts and difficulties that prevent you from creating or developing a business (project) - Recurring problems in business (project) - Repeating mistakes, difficulties in managing investments, other people's assets - Difficulties in relations with the team, partners, investors - Anxiety, restlessness, general state of tension - Doubts and difficulties in making an important decision - Feeling a ceiling in finance, business, or career - Impostor syndrome, self-doubt - Fear of public speaking, self-presentation, selling one's services - Lack of energy - Apathy, procrastination - Emotional burnout - Co-dependent relationships - Self-understanding and self-determination. Understand what to do: what do I really want to do? where do I belong? where can I achieve the most?

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