Hi, I'm Maja!

Transformational coach

What I can share

I'm here to support you on your way to become the best version of yourself and step up to the next level. I was influenced by great names in the neurolinguistic world like Tony Robbins, David Key who were also my mentors and coaches. I draw my inspiration from their ever-evolving approach to coaching and breaking barriers between traditional and new styles. I am a certified Flow coach and an NLP coach in training. Why these two principles? Because I like science as much as I like the mysterious world of our mind. And with both those approaches, I found a powerful combination of how to hack into the mind and transform it. Why would you take up on my offer: - You feel stuck and would like to go to the next level - The pandemic has taken a toll on you and you are struggling with keeping your head high and stay motivated - You want to achieve something in your life, you already have an idea, but you are overwhelmed as to where to start - Thinking of changing your career? Hit me up - You feel that you have certain limiting beliefs that are holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself - You want to lose weight - You suffer from work-related stress or even burnout

Personal session

€40.00 for 1 h 0 mins

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