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A creative data-minded Product and people leader with diverse and vast experience - 17+ years of experience in remote and hybrid work in Information Technology of globally distributed teams (Canada, USA, UK, India, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Serbia, China, Australia, and more) - 10+ years of leadership in large-scale organizations (up to 70 people) - 4+ years driving startups (including own small business) - 7+ years in Product Management - Ph.D. in Data Science - Current role Senior Product Manager in Applied AI at Fiix by Rockwell Automation - Mentor in https://women-in-tech.org/ - Moved to Canada from Eastern Europe in 2018 - mom of 3 children and a rescue husky puppy Love helping people to unlock their potential. More about my professional experience: https://www.linkedin.com/in/liudmila-domakhina/ Personal page on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luda_domakhina/ Consultancy languages: English and Russian

Personal consultation: career in IT

CA$120.00 for 45 mins

Shift your career to Product Management Product Management for AI-based products Job search in Canada and USA: Product Management, Business Analysis, Data Analytics, BI, Data Science, Quality Assurance Job search after immigration from Eastern Europe Coaching, mentoring Growth mindset

Introduce your problem

CA$15.00 for 15 mins

Short intro to explain your problem and agree if my consultations fit your needs

Product Management in AI consultation

CA$200.00 for 1 hour

Elaborate on your business problem, consultancy, and advice on product strategy, execution, metrics, etc. AI-based product management Help to move your AI from research to real application Managing AI teams

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