Hi, I'm Lison!

Growth Mindset Coach

What I can share

Lison realizes people want to make changes and get results, but find it hard on their own. As a coach, author and speaker, she delights in helping individuals make breakthroughs in their thinking and in their doing, so they can grow and blossom. Before the call: To prepare for your coaching call, you will have to complete a personal development questionnaire (the link is sent once the booking is done). Not only will it help you reflect on your aspirations, it will also allow Lison to prepare tools, exercises, and questions to make the most out of the call. During the call: The call is an exchange, where Lison will actively listen and at times challenge you with her questions. The intent is to foster your thinking (and if needed, offer a different perspective) to empower you. Depending on your personal development questionnaire, you might also be offered specific exercises or tools to work with. Notes: - All information exchanged prior to and during the call is under strict confidentiality.

Personal session

A$50.00 for 30 mins

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