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I am 10 years old and I have done professional rhythmic gymnastics for last 5 years. I am from Redmond, WA. I do not travel a lot. The only places me and my family traveled is Vancouver, Los Angeles, Silverwood Amusement Park and Walla Walla. Those were some fun trips! I enjoy playing video games, hanging out with friends and being with my family! And that is it for me. More about lessons -> In these lessons which will take about 1-2 hours and only cost 10$ an hour I will guide you through an easy warm-up, easy stretching and more, like kicks and ab work-out. Remember to notify me if you are too tired to do anymore. Some recommendations: I suggest you have: 1. Water 2. A comfortable rug or floor and a space to exercise 3. 1-2 pairs of 2 pound leg weights 4. A heavy ball 5. 1 pair of 2 pound normal metal weights 6. A rope 7. ballets trap rubber band 8. Your hair up in a bun 9. it is highly recommended that girls do this kind of gymnastics rather than boys because this kind of sport is more graceful. Now what are you waiting for? Start getting flexible today!!!! This page is managed by Andrey Konin (Leia's father) and the family 💗

Personal session

$10.00 for 1 h 0 mins

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