Kiyingi Raymond

Experienced product leader and coach.

What I can share

I am a product leader with a focus on entrants to Product management and leadership or product managers who want to move into senior or leadership roles. I am business outcomes-oriented with strong strategic, creative thinking, leadership, consumer and management skills to make that happen. I am practically a product person who has seen what practices that work and those that don't. I am happy to share these practices with everyone else so that you avoid the mistakes I made at least in your career. Product skills: - Business: I am outcome-oriented over outputs. Outcomes such as revenue, active users, retention, gross margin, and time-to-user value. I am more focused on improving these outcomes for any product because I believe they are valuable to any business. I ensure teams are aligned to the above outcomes with the help of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). - Technical: I am an engineer by profession and a software developer. That makes my relationship with engineers smooth and precise because they do the last-mile implementation of all solutions we talk about. - Management: I have a couple of light processes for driving the success of products. For start-up products, I ensure a solution is valuable, viable, usable with collaboration with designers and feasible with help of engineers. For growing/scaling products, I like to focus on new user activation, growth loops, Omni-user engagement, and retention which all contribute to the growth of any product. This is in maximum collaboration with all stakeholders. - Execution: I have skills in road mapping, prioritization and project management skills. I also ensure proper follow-through of work so that development is aligned with the strategic initiatives set by the organisation. We can also connect here:

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