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Experienced Coach, Counselor, and Certified Public Manager. Current Author.

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Welcome to my Introwise page. I am a retired counselor and coach from the State of Nevada. I have counseled and guided thousands of personalities, temperaments, including substance abuse counseling, mental health issues, behavioral issues, and self-help concepts. The last thing that I managed for the State of Nevada was an inpatient substance abuse program, OASIS, which is a therapeutic community. I am also a Certified Public Manager. Currently, I am authoring the following books: "Fear Factor" [sub-titled "The Law of the Harvest"] (September, 2022 release), "Fall from Grace" [sub-titled "Like Father like Son"], and my third book in the works will just simply be on counseling and becoming a successful counselor by understanding, gaining compliance, and listening. I am currently a recent expat to the Philippines with my base in Spokane, WA,

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