Karms Fung

The no bullsh*t approach to success

What I can share

Hello! I'm glad to get connected with you! I'm using this platform to conduct coffee chats and network! I imagine a world where we are lifting each other up. Getting to know a new connections opens a whole new world of opportunities, I always aim to provide value first so if there's something you think I can help you with, let me know! I've quit the corporate life of being an Accountant to now being an Accountability coach. The rewards are way more fulfilling, it took me 15 years to figure it out!! hahaha... if you want to discover your purpose and do a job you love, happy to share. I look forward to getting to know your story and perhaps we could be friends, collaborate on a project or maybe I end up just recommending you a book to read... whatever that is, I'm sure we crossed path for a reason. Chat soon and be free!

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