Hi, I'm Jennifer!

Experienced Gen/ Special Educator & Parent Trainer/ Life Coach

What I can share

I have been teaching children between the ages of 3 months old to 16 years old for 12 years. I have taught general education, after school, summer camp and special education. I am currently a special educator & a parent trainer/ life coach at my other job. I would love to help enrich the mind, give tips, advice, and help with ideas. Please feel free to reach out to inquire, I am very passionate about what I do. My goal in life is to help others to my fullest potential!

Personal session

$40.00 for 30 mins


Parent Training

$55.00 for 1 hour

Ideas for the classroom

$50.00 for 45 mins

How to teach at home

$50.00 for 45 mins

Life Coaching

$30.00 for 30 mins

Teacher help/ ideas

$60.00 for 1 hour

Special Education

$45.00 for 30 mins

How to teach your children at home

$50.00 for 45 mins

Group sessions

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