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Get My Action Steps To Make The 2 mm Shift To Launch or Improve Your Podcast

What I can share

Where do I start? Where can I host it? What equipment do I need? Where do I get the content from? Are these the questions you are asking yourself because you are considering starting a podcast? I can help you cut through the confusion and mixed messages. You want to start a podcast or you’ve started but you are just a bit shaky on take off. You’ve even decided on a topic and your ideal audience. Maybe you’ve even taken a course or watched some videos. But you still want to know where to start? And you are wondering what to do next. Don't give up! I can help you get the clarity you need so you can start your podcast. "A 2 mm shift may not seem like much but as you make that small shift...it has a dramatic impact on your outcome". ~ Tony Robbins My mission is to help you make the 2 mm shift ( the smallest movement of change required to turn your dream into reality), to launch or improve your podcast. Just imagine you are standing on the platform waiting for the train. But you suddenly realize that the gap between the platform and the train is too wide for you to safely step on board. Believe me. I've been there. I took the classes. Watched the videos. And thought I was ready. Let me stand in the gap, by giving you ACTION STEPS, so you can finally get your show published.

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$75.00 for 30 mins

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