Sarafina Arthur-Williams

Intentional Simplicity, LLC is a Wellness Based Mental Health Private Practice!

What I can share

As a Wellness Psychologist, I have come to understand that people strive to be heard and to share their perspective of the world. With this, I open the space for people to gain an understanding of their purpose, themselves, and the world around them. When working with others, I focus on the exploration and interpersonal relationship building. I explore how self-expression through a variety of virtuosity mediums merges with my client’s identity. I create a space that capitalizes on diversity and meets the needs of clients by offering a variety of interventions and therapeutic techniques. I find value in encouraging people to develop their identity. Within this platform, I offer Wellness Hour! It is a 60-minute group session available to people in need of wellness advice (questions regarding therapy, wellness, art, and psychology. These sessions are anonymous and undocumented to protect our client’s privacy, rights, and confidentiality. Please be advised that these sessions are not mental health therapy. If you find value in what we discuss during the group session and would like individual sessions following it please let me know. Wellness Hour is here to encourage you to gain clarity in the areas of your life.

Personal session

$20.00 for 1 hour

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