Hi, I'm Ems!

Ethical Marketing Strategist

What I can share

I'm a Social Media Strategist based in the Surrey Hills - Chances are, you can find me curled up on a picnic blanket or the couch with my husband, dog and a nice cup of tea... Or if the situation presents itself, standing on top of a soapbox shouting about the detriments of old-school sales techniques. During my time on this Earth, I've been called many things including (but not limited to) a 'connector of people', 'business cheerleader' and my personal favourite - 'marketing wizard'. I help Coaches and Online Educators feel confident in their vulnerabilities, and together we build natural, sustainable and ethical online relationships – All without icky, pushy and quite frankly outdated sales tactics. A firm foundation from which to build and monetise their online presence. If you're looking for a Marketing Strategist with a no-bullshit approach, a plethora of tricks up her sleeve and tonnes of knowledge and experience building organic relationships and selling ethically, get in touch!

Personal session

$200.00 for 1 h 0 mins

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