Hi, I'm Divya!

Experienced Therapist And Personal Coach

What I can share

Welcome to my Introwise page. My name is DIvya Toshniwal and I am an experienced therapist and personal coach. Why I use the term Personal Coach instead of Life Coach is because it is very important to understand that I don't want to provide to you the generic material from a life coach guide book that is simply available on google. Being a therapist I understand that every person is different and so are their needs. Hence in a world that is full of generic tips and tools of self-development, I want to empower you with tools that specifically help you deal with your life and achieve your own goals. Book a session and see what difference you can make in your life with just a little bit of professional guidance .

30 Minutes Free Session

Free, 30 mins

A goal setting session and creating an actionable plan

Personal Coaching Session

$35.00 for 1 hour

A session to dig deeper into specific issues that you are facing and create an action plan to deal with them.

Group sessions

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