Hi, I'm Darnell!

Life Coach & Spiritual Guidance

What I can share

I am here to implement my purpose and that is to make sure that everyone that I come into contact with reaches their full potential. I am very passionately involved in helping other in personal life situations and spiritual blockages. I am an expert in my work and before I managed to find this amazing website I was helping people through my very own telephone line with reoccurring customers. I help you remember and find that spark inside you, if you feel as if you know someone better than you , if you need realist advice , if you need a shoulder to cry on , if you need to vent I am here. Their is no question I don’t have an answer for. But please note that energy will be reflected so be polite and genuine and that is what you shall receive.

Personal session

£55.00 for 30 mins

Quick Consultation

£27.00 for 15 mins

Quick and Easy Consultation

Quality Consultation

£78.00 for 45 mins

Nice in depth consultation weather it’s personal life or spiritual. Sky is the limit

Premium Consultation

£125.00 for 1 hour

Gold Consultation

£180.00 for 1.5 hours

Spiritual & Personal Consultation

Diamond Dimension Consultation

£350.00 for 2 hours

Special advice and help Spiritual and Personal.

Group sessions

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